Shower Screen Upgrades for Guest Bathrooms

One of the areas of the home that tends to get a late renovation or remodel is the guest bathroom. In fact, most homeowners overlook the guest bathroom since it is not used that often. If you want to do a few quick upgrades that can change the look of the guest bathroom, one of the upgrades to consider is a new shower screen from a company like A.T. Glass & Aluminium. Here are a few of the shower screens to consider for guest bathroom upgrades and the benefits of each style.

Nanoclean Screens

Nanoclean screens offer several benefits, especially for guest bathrooms. The nanoclean screens are coated with a special film that does not affect the look of the screen. It is a coating that can be placed over any textured, frosted or standard clear screen. The coating allows the screen to repeal oils and dirt that can stick to the screen during the showering process. This makes the screens easier to clean, and they require less deep cleaning than traditional options. This means reduced cleaning chemicals and less hard scrubbing as well.

Frameless Screens

If you have a small guest bathroom, it may feel closed in. It may even feel like you can't really move around or breathe well within the four walls of the room. One way to open up your small guest bathroom is to add a frameless shower screen. The frameless screens have no borders to give a barrier or marking off of the door edges. This allows the room to appear more open without having to change the entire bathroom or without expanding the bathroom.

Textured or Frosted Screens

In some cases, your guest bathroom issues may not be with opening the space or cleanliness factors. In some cases, the issues may be with privacy. Shower screens don't have the option of having a curtain to pull to keep the area private if someone accidentally walks into the bathroom while the guests are showering. A textured or frosted shower screen gives a level of privacy while adding appeal to the bathroom space. The textured or frosted screen can also be layered to give added privacy, if necessary, while still allowing light and an open-area feel to the shower stall.

If you believe any of these styles will be ideal for your guest bathroom upgrades, consider contacting your bathroom contractor. They can help with ordering and design options, and with customized options for your specific decorating needs. They can also give you advise on other options that may be equally as appealing as the shower screens listed here.