Tips for Keeping Your Fabric-Upholstered Bedheads Clean

As design features that can suit almost any taste, fabric-upholstered bedheads are popular in households throughout the country. When you want to make sure yours looks fresh for longer, adhering to a simple cleaning routine should do the trick.

Vacuum it weekly

While taking a vacuum to your fabric-upholstered bedhead on a weekly basis may seem excessive, it can save a lot of hassle further down the line. Therefore, you should try to make this a part of your bedroom cleaning routine. Set a day for vacuuming the bedhead and move the nozzle in top-to-bottom sweeping motions. If you have an attachment that dislodges dust, use it. Regular vacuuming prevents dust from forming a murky layer, which can make the fabric look less vibrant and may make it harder to clean over time.

Use baking soda on a monthly basis

Sprinkling baking soda onto your fabric-upholstered bedheads is an excellent way to absorb smells that gather over time. Although bedrooms don't encounter as many odours as areas such as kitchens, smells can make their way in. If they don't receive the right attention, they may leave your bedhead smelling musty. Each month, sprinkle a little baking soda over the bedhead and leave it to settle for a few hours. Vacuum it away and consider finishing the process with a few sprays of your favourite fabric freshener. Or, you can speed this process up by adding a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda you use before sprinkling it.

Use stain removers but always test them in advance

From coffee through to make-up, there are some products that pose a serious stain threat to any fabric bedhead. Although it's tempting to grab the first stain remover you see, always patch test on an area of the fabric that isn't immediately visible. Alternatively, when you buy your bedhead you can ask the company that makes it if they have spare fabric for this process. In either case, spray a little stain remover and leave it to settle for 24 hours. If it doesn't leave any marks or cause significant fading, it's probably safe to use on the fabric itself.

Overall, fabric beds require little effort when it comes to keeping them clean. With regular small actions, you can stop smells and stains from building over time, allowing you to enjoy your purchase for longer. Learn more from a local furniture store.