Securing Your Security Doors: 3 Features That Are Worth The Investment

Did you know that most intruders and burglars will use your doors an entry point into your property? That's all the reason you will ever need to invest in security doors. 

Have you ever wondered just how secure your security doors are? Can you, with utmost confidence, say that your security doors will do precisely what they are supposed to do in the event of an attack by a burglar or any other intruder? If you are still unsure, here are a few things you should think of investing in to make your security doors even more secure.

1. A Smart Deadbolt

A top-quality deadbolt on your security doors is, in and of itself, very effective in securing your property. Enter the smart deadbolt, and you have every reason to feel confident about your security situation. You can operate your doors remotely from any location. That's to say that if you are ever in too much of a rush and forget to lock the door behind you, you can conveniently do so when you realise your mistake. You can also limit access during times of the day when you are not home.

2. A Heavy-Duty Strike Plate

The strike plate that comes with your security doors may sometimes fail you. For starters, the material used in the standard strike plate is not too heavy. For a determined intruder using a heavy object to push your door or one kicking in your door hard enough, this standard strike plate may not match up. Secondly, the screws that come with the security doors are just too short, which makes the doorjamb quite vulnerable when subjected to heavy forces such as a mean kick.

You can reinforce your strike plate by replacing the small screws with bigger and longer crews. Buying a heavy-duty strike plate that is made of heavier material, longer screws and a sturdier construction is also always an option to consider.

3. Bars Or Grates For Your Windows

If you have windows on or near your security doors, burglars can easily break the glass in the windows and reach inside to open the door. In addition to replacing the standard glass with a stronger type that is more break-resistant, you should consider adding bars or grates. These additions may not do well for the aesthetics of the windows on your security doors, but they will most certainly up your security.