Reasons to Service Your Fire Extinguisher Biannually

Fire extinguishers are one of the appliances that every Australian homeowner should have, especially if you reside in a location susceptible to bushfires. Having a fire extinguisher is prudent because it can make a world of difference between minor burn damage in your house to the entire loss of your property. However, once some people purchase a fire extinguisher for their residence, they tend to forget about it unless they need to combat a fire. This neglect could lead to disappointment the moment you need to use your extinguisher and find that it is not capable of putting out the fire. The following article examines a few of the reasons why you should service your fire extinguisher, at least on a biannual basis.

Servicing ensures the readiness of your fire extinguisher

If you have had your fire extinguisher for a while and have made use of it on several occasions, it is likely that you will be unaware of the amount of pressurised gas is in the cylinder. Thus, when you are faced with an emergency and need to put out a fire, you could find that you have run out of the extinguishing agent. When you have your fire extinguisher inspected and serviced on a routine basis, the inspectors will gauge the amount of nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas is contained in the cylinder and replace it if need be.

Servicing replaces worn-out components

In some cases, your cylinder may be full of the extinguishing agent but the receptacle and overall equipment itself is in disrepair. Normal wear and tear are bound to occur over time, and this will typically manifest on the components that are exposed. For instance, it is not uncommon for the canister to acquire dents and rust. Furthermore, the lever can also come loose with time, meaning you will be unable to spray out the extinguishing agent. Your servicing technician will be capable of either replacing the damaged parts of replacing the entire fire extinguisher altogether.

Servicing allows for a safety evaluation

While there are rules and guidelines set out for the operation and storage of a fire extinguisher, these tenets can change over time. Thus, the longer you have had your fire extinguisher, the higher the chance that you will need to learn about the current practices in relation to the safety of fire extinguisher use. Additionally, if you have recently remodelled your home, it is crucial to call on a technician who will determine if the extinguisher needs to be moved to a more suitable location.