Essential Features to Look for in Bedroom Blinds

All homeowners want privacy in their homes. Blinds offer the right balance between privacy and natural light in a room. However, the privacy wanted in your living room differs from the privacy of your bedroom. Therefore, you will not achieve the required amount of privacy if you use standard blinds for all your screening needs. Most importantly, you require shades that are explicitly meant for a particular space. For instance, although most retailers will tell you that they stock bedroom blinds, you should take it upon yourself to verify the claims. However, you can only verify bedroom blinds if you know what to look out for in bedroom shades. This article highlights the essential features of bedroom blinds.

Cassette Cover — Among the features you will be looking out for in bedroom blinds, the cassette cover is the most visible and arguably the most important. Unlike standard shades, the cassette cover on bedroom screens houses the roller and the side channels. Since standard curtains don't have the cover, the conventional blinds allow external light through the sides easily, and this is what makes them great for living rooms. However, the screens are not sufficient in spaces where maximum privacy and blocking of light is paramount. Once the cassette cover is in place, all you have to do is pull down the blind, and it will block out any light that might enter the room from the sides of the blinds.

Double Layer Fabric — If you want blinds that block out light entirely, then the number of layers of the shade material matters a great deal. Standard screens usually have a single layer of tightly knit fabric; although the single layer keeps out light, it still allows some through. The feature makes the single layer blinds an excellent choice for spaces such as the kitchen, living room or the porch. However, if you are going for maximum light blockage, then a double layered fabric will do the job exceptionally well. The double layer increases privacy and ensures better sleep by keeping light out of the room.

Top-Down Operation Option — Even if your bedroom has one of those long windows, you can still find blinds of the right length. However, such window designs pose a challenge if you want a balance between privacy and light. With standard screens, the only option you have is to release the blind halfway from the bottom, which compromises on confidentiality. On the other hand, the top-down option allows you to lower the screen from the top to the height of your choice. These blockout blinds will enable sufficient light to pass and maintain privacy.