Guidelines for Buying the Right Kitchen Benchtop

If you are by any chance planning to renovate your kitchen but don't have the money to do a complete remodel, why not start with an important part like the benchtop. In most kitchens, the countertop is the most visible part of the kitchen, and an upgrade can have a profound effect on the look of the entire kitchen. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you will love upgrading your kitchen benchtop. That said, pulling out an old benchtop and installing a new one is one thing, and choosing the right countertop is another thing. It is therefore not enough to have the skills to install a kitchen countertop; you must know how to select the perfect benchtop for your kitchen. This article offers a guide to buying a benchtop that will suit your kitchen.

Cleaning Routine -- Most kitchen activities take place on the kitchen benchtop, and therefore it is always necessary to keep it sparkling clean at all times. If it is dirty and cluttered, then the entire kitchen will look dirty and cluttered. If you are going to replace your kitchen benchtop, you must first ask yourself how much time are willing to put into cleaning the countertop. The reason is that different benchtop materials have different cleaning needs. For instance, granite is one of the simplest benchtop materials to clean because it has anti-microbial properties. Additionally, granite worktops come in many different patterns. On the other hand, marble requires that you maintain a regular cleaning routine. Unlike granite, you must clean a marble benchtop anytime you use it since it is white and will quickly show dirt.

Attachments and Use -- What accessories and kitchenware are you going to make part of the benchtop? It is a question most DIY enthusiasts fail to ask, and it is a grave mistake not to. The reason is that the kitchenware you plan to make part of the benchtop will determine the type of benchtop you should purchase. For example, if the kitchen countertop is going to include the cooker, then it is advisable that you choose a granite or marble benchtop. It is because these materials are both heat resistant and heat proof; therefore, they are not affected by hot pots or cookers. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, aren't heatproof and will crack when exposed to heat over extended periods.

Treatment and Maintenance -- Homeowners treat kitchen benchtops differently. Some don't mind dragging and dropping all manner of kitchenware across the benchtop. Others are cautious in the way they treat their countertops and will, therefore, discourage any mistreatment. While marble and granite are two of the most durable benchtop materials around, that doesn't mean that they can't crack or chip. If you have a big family and the kitchen is always busy, then you will need a granite benchtop. The reason is the patterns of granite will easily camouflage any cracks or chipped edges. On the other hand, marble and hardwood benchtops are best in a kitchen that is less busy.