Finding The Right Mesh With Your Supplier’s Help

You can use wire mesh for many applications around the home and your garden. You can use the mesh for fencing your home, or a small play area within your backyard for your kids and the pets. You can also use mesh for your security screens and reinforcing concrete slabs, among other uses.

You may not know too much about mesh, and that is why it helps to talk to mesh suppliers. You want to get the type and quality that is just right for your specific project. Here are some questions to ask mesh suppliers that will help you in your search.

1. What Is The Mesh Made Of?

The two most commonly used materials used in wire mesh are aluminium and stainless steel. After explaining what you will be using the mesh for, the mesh suppliers can recommend which metal type is best for you. You should inquire about what exactly makes one a better alternative over the other for your specific project.

2. What Goes Into The Maintenance?

You will no doubt want something that requires very little maintenance. Talk to the mesh suppliers about the specific maintenance requirements for each of the available options.

If you are going to use the wire mesh in an outdoor application, then exposure to the elements will leave you with a legitimate concern about rusting. The mesh suppliers should be able to direct you to mesh wire that has gone through the relevant treatments such as galvanisation, to avoid premature rusting and corrosion.

3. How Long Will It Last?

The last thing you want to do is come back in a couple of months, looking for mesh suppliers because what you got the first time didn't last. Talk about the average lifespan of the mesh wire as well as what you can do to help extend this lifespan. The useful service life of the mesh will largely depend on the type of metal, the service conditions of the area where it will be used and how well you take care of the mesh.

4. What About Aesthetics?

Whether it's for an indoor or outdoor application, you want your mesh looking good. The finish is a great determinant when it comes to how attractive your mesh will look. Mesh suppliers can explain and show you the different finishes available, and you can choose which one best suits your preferences and the overall style of your home or garden.