Why Your Bathroom Renovation Is Long Overdue

Did you know that Americans call the bathroom a 'restroom'? This gives you an idea of how much emphasis they place on this particular room, as they treat it as a sanctuary to be enjoyed at the beginning and end of a challenging day. If you've always looked at your bathroom as a purely functional space, why should you take some time to elevate its importance in your life and conduct a complete renovation instead?

Dealing with Practicality

If you're like most people, you may pay more attention to your living areas than your bathroom and have never considered a renovation in this area. Yet your circumstances may have changed recently, and your household may have additional needs, so you should turn your bathroom into a more practical space in any case.

Lifestyle Changes

As an example, what if your elderly parents are planning to move into your home? They may have some issues with mobility, and you may need to consider whether it is practical for them to use the facilities that you currently have.

Walk-In Tub

If you have a traditional bathtub they may not be able to get in and out, and you should consider replacing it with a walk-in tub instead. This has a hinged door at one end, which can be opened and closed to allow safe entry. It will also have a seating component and be completely waterproof when sealed, so it's completely practical as well.

Shower Upgrade

You may decide that a bathtub is out of the question altogether due to mobility issues or simply because you prefer the idea of a shower anyway. In this case, why not take the bathtub out and build a large and luxurious shower enclosure instead? You may feel that your current shower is claustrophobic and should replace it with a facility that has a designer showerhead, beautiful tiles, a glass enclosure and a swinging door. You could even design a 'two-in-one' shower that has a separate set of taps, with one for his and her.

Size Doesn't Matter

If your bathroom is relatively small and you don't have the capacity for a major redesign, you can still spice things up with a general redesign. Fit some new hardware, a replacement door for the shower, a mirror with accent lights and an infinity feature while replacing all the trim and introducing a new colour scheme at the same time.

You Can Do It

No matter how small or how inconsequential your bathroom at the moment, you can still make a significant difference with a clever redesign. Talk with your bathroom renovation contractors for more inspiration.