Design Tips for an Art Deco-Inspired Kitchen Renovation

Although art deco design has been around for decades, it remains a top option for homeowners that want a uniquely designed house. Considering that the proponents of this type of designs are largely modern, art deco is highly popular among individuals that prefer contemporary design. Nonetheless, since art deco is also considered elegant, it is sought after by a majority of homeowners who are remodelling their home. This piece lists design tips you can employ for an art deco-inspired kitchen renovation.

Geometric shapes or repetitive patterns 

One of the first elements that characterised art deco design is geometric shapes. From squares to arches, straight lines and spires, you can employ all these elements in your kitchen so that it can effuse art deco design. For instance, rounded countertops, particularly on your kitchen island, will add circular shapes to the kitchen. Triangular floor tiles and rectangular splashbacks will also infuse geometric shapes into the space. Moreover, have repetitive patterns on parts of your kitchen, for instance, your splashbacks, to create a focal point in your kitchen.

Bold, contrasting colours

Another element that you should have in your art deco-inspired kitchen is incorporating bold, contrasting colours in your space. While black and white are the most common colours that are used to for this design element, there are a host of other colours that you can choose as long as they are bold enough to make a statement in your kitchen. So, what areas should you paint these colours? For one, you could consider mixing and matching your cabinets by having some of the doors dark and the rest of them white. Additionally, you could choose to have your splashbacks comprise of metallic accents, which will add a luxe appeal to your kitchen!

Diverse textures and finishes

Since art deco themes are characterised by the contrasting elements that make up the design, you should also deliberate on employing textural diversity in your kitchen. You may have been under the impression that a wood kitchen should only have timber accents, but you could opt to complement the wood with metallic accents instead. Another way of creating textural diversity in your kitchen is with the fabrics you choose for the kitchen. For instance, if you have a shag rag under your breakfast table, you could have velvet window furnishings on your windows! Textural diversity can also be achieved with the types of finishes that you choose for your kitchen so you can experiment with your finishes too!