3 Top Trends for Swimming Pool Shade Sails

With summer approaching, more people are swapping their AC system for the natural, outdoors breeze. Because the outdoors becomes the indoors during summer, homeowners are always looking for ways to enhance the outdoor experience, especially around the swimming pool area. As a shade sail supplier, you have an opportunity to wow your clients with the types of shade sails you provide. However, you have to keep track of the latest trends because falling behind will force you to play catch up, which will cost your business a competitive advantage. Read on for the latest trends in swimming pool shade sails

1. Customised Shade Sails -- Although suppliers have different types of shade sails, homeowners are looking for uniqueness. Therefore, stocking familiar shapes such as triangular, square, rectangular and circular shades are not enough. This is especially the case for clients that want shade sails that match the shape of their swimming pool. You can only meet unique client demands by providing customised shade sails to customers. Customisation of shade sails goes beyond the form; for example, some clients want unique prints on shade sails which match the swimming pools itself. To keep up with the competition, therefore, you need to offer shades sails customisation services

2. Translucent Shade Sails -- The material used on most shade sails block out the sun rays. However, while such materials are great for open grounds, swimming pool owners are opting for more translucent shade sail materials. Since a translucent shade sail allows some light through, it ensures that the swimming pool gets enough light, thereby eliminating the engulfing dull shade that opaque materials cast. Therefore, ensure that you stock a high number of shade sails that are made from translucent materials.

3. Retractable Shade Sail -- Since traditional shade sails require anchor points, adequate tension and frequent adjustments, the work involved in setting up the sails is tiring. No wonder homeowners are avoiding fixed shade sails and installing retractable shade sails for their swimming pools. Equipped with pulleys and stainless steel support wires, all that an operator has to do with a retractable shade sail is to yank on the rope to extend or retract the material. The best part about a retractable shade sail is that one person can operate it after installation. The fact that retractable shade sails allow for the partial cover of a swimming pool makes them a popular choice among homeowners. Therefore, boost your stock with retractable shade sails for improved business.