Benchtop ideas for an open plan kitchen

Are you looking for a new and exciting trend to use in your kitchen renovation? Open-plan kitchens have become the new hot commodity, followed by matching benchtops. An open-plan kitchen provides a spacious and luxurious feel, where the kitchen space blends into the rest of your home with minimal interruptions. This open-plan design is truly brought to life by selecting the right benchtops.

Choosing benchtops for an open-plan kitchen can be challenging, as you need to consider many different factors. In addition, selecting the wrong type of benchtop can make your kitchen appear less appealing.

But not to worry, here are 4 ideas that will help you make the right choice. 

1. Consider the benchtop thickness

Thickness may not be a top concern if you have a conventional kitchen, but it matters a lot in an open design. Your thickness should match the size, shape and design of each countertop, along with the overall theme of your home. For example, choose thin benchtops if your kitchen is busy and spacious.

The thin surface will create a smooth and continuous feel throughout your kitchen space, and it will also make maintenance easier. In fact, thinner benchtops work well for long countertops because they're easier to install. The thin surface is also less intrusive on your drawers and other storage spaces.

A thicker benchtop works well for smaller kitchens. This is because it draws attention to the smaller countertop space and makes it look more appealing.

2. Match your floors with the benchtop design

An open-plan kitchen also tends to have large and spacious floors. Therefore, your benchtops should blend with the floor to create a uniform feel. If you've installed veined tile flooring, natural stone benchtops will work well as a complimentary piece.

Stones such as marble have unique veining patterns that look attractive in almost any kitchen space. You can contrast your benchtop veining with the patterns on your floors to achieve a truly appealing look in your open-plan kitchen.  

3. A polished look works best

To finish off your open-plan benchtop look, don't forget to polish and seal the stone. Polishing can create unique reflections that add to the overall appeal of your kitchen space. Polished benchtops are also less prone to staining and water damage, which makes your kitchen more useful in the long run. Remember that the type of polishing you choose should blend with your floors.