Reasons To Install Concrete Tiles In Your Home

If you're choosing tiles for your home, concrete might not be the first material that pops into your mind. But concrete tiles suit everywhere, both inside and out, and any surface, whether it be walls or floors. Here are some reasons to finish your home with these tiles.

Offers Design Versatility

An extremely versatile substance that you can fashion in endless ways, concrete allows you to express your creativity and bring your design vision to life. Rather than relying on factory tiles, as you might need to with other types, you can customise the tile size, texture and colour in a personalised batch. Concrete can mimic natural stone, ceramic or timber—perfect the tones and textures to match your decor. You can print patterns or instil textures on the tiles also. 

Covers Everywhere

Concrete tiles allow you to move from room to room and to coordinate your entire home, as it suits flooring, splashbacks and everywhere in between. For a bathroom, create a luxurious haven with look-a-like sandstone hues, and behind the vanity, install blue and white patterned tiles that mimic ceramic. In a kitchen, match concrete slate-look floor tiles to the splashback. For a traditional kitchen, fashion the concrete to emulate granite or subway tiles, or for an industrial aesthetic, install a clean grey concrete surface. 

Durable and Low-Maintenance

With concrete, you don't need to worry about it breaking down, as concrete is extremely durable and long-lasting. When installing flooring, however, select designated floor tiles which are sturdier than wall tiles. Concrete requires protective sealing to maintain its appeal, so make sure to follow maintenance instructions. But once sealed, it can withstand spills and scratches and is easy to clean with mild detergent and water. Take care not to use products that strip the protective film. Wall tiles receive less wear than floor and benchtop ones that require more regular cleaning and resealing. Concrete can fit within the outdoors landscape also, and it only hardens with age.

Whether you're remodelling or building a new home, concrete tiles allow you to customise the overall design from room to room. You can match the natural 'stone' flooring in the kitchen to fireplace surrounds in the living room, creating unity throughout. This cohesion can extend to your outside living areas. You can fashion concrete in virtually any way, and so long as you follow care instructions, it will enhance your home for many years.