4 Steps to Remove Dry Formula Milk Carpet Stains

Babies are so much fun to be around, but there's a lot of hard work that comes along with taking care of them. And they also involve a lot of cleaning, especially when they spill something on your carpets. The best way to get rid of a formula milk stain is to clean it up straight away. But if you have a baby, the stain may simply have to wait. This guide will show you some steps to remove dry formula milk stains from your carpets.

Use a Microfibre Cloth to Remove Loose Flakes

Before getting to the actual stain, take a regular microfibre cloth and rub the stain gently. Some loose flakes will start to come undone from the carpet. Vacuum these up immediately. Take care not to rub the stain with the cloth too hard or you might end up pushing it further into the carpet—making it harder for you to remove later.

Spray the Stain With a Solution of Vinegar, Detergent and Water

In a spray bottle, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and vinegar to some water. The acid in vinegar and the cleaning properties of the dishwashing detergent are ideal for breaking down the formula milk, while the water dilutes the mixture and protects your carpet from any harmful damage. Take care to use cold water because hot water or warm water may spoil the carpet fibres.

Let the Solution Sit on the Stain for a Little While

Once you spray the solution on the stain, you need to let it sit for a little while to get into the formula and break it down. Use a soft-bristled brush to give the stain a complete clean, but make sure you do so gently. You don't want something hard because of the damage it could cause to your carpet. If the stain isn't completely removed, you may need to repeat the process once again with a fresh batch of the solution. Add more detergent or vinegar if you think it could help.

Let the Area Dry

Now that you've managed to remove the formula milk stain, you need to let the area dry out completely before using the space once again. Otherwise, you might end up with more dirt on your carpet than before. You may need to open out the room to let ventilation in. You can even use your hairdryer in the cold air mode or switch on your fans to help the stain dry out faster.

You can even get a professional carpet stain removal expert every once in a while to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean.