4 Reasons Why You Should Only Clean Your Stone Splashbacks Using Organic Cleaners

Stone splashbacks are the cream of the crop when it comes to kitchen splashback materials. While glass, ceramic and steel are all top choices, they can't compete with the authentic, timeless, and durable feel of stone splashbacks.

Natural stone keeps your kitchen fresh while adding durability and flexibility during daily use. However, a common challenge arises when you need to clean natural stone.

Regular cleaning will be necessary to remove food stains, germs, dirt and debris. But instead of using chemical-based cleaning agents, going organic will help you get better results and take care of your stone.

Here are four reasons why you should switch to an organic cleaning agent when maintaining your stone splashbacks.

1. No abrasive chemicals

Chemical cleaners contain harsh ingredients that may wear away your stone. Some reagents also use abrasive chemicals, which are capable of scraping off your designs and sealant over time. For stones such as granite, a worn sealant may result in water damage and stains that may require the slab replacement.

Therefore, a better approach is to use organic cleaners that contain no abrasive or chemically powerful ingredients. Organic cleaners don't use chlorine, sulphur or peroxide ingredients that may wear away your stone over time.  

2. A healthy choice for the kitchen

Chemical cleaning agents have been shown to affect young children, pets and even adults. These chemicals may remain adhered to your stone splashbacks or may leach into nearby dishes after cleaning. If consumed, your family members may suffer from negative health consequences.

A better choice is to use organic cleaners. These cleaning solutions are safer for the home and gentle on your stone. In fact, organic cleaners are also effective at removing stubborn stains that may be stuck on your stone surfaces, especially in the case of poorly sealed granite (which is porous).

3. Extend the durability of your stone

By avoiding the use of chemicals, your stone splashbacks will last longer and keep the home stylish for years to come. Natural stone surfaces last for decades when they're well taken care of. By keeping the environment chemical-free, you'll end up with vibrant and stylish splashbacks that increase the value of your kitchen.

4. Can be used on many different types of stone

Finally, organic cleaners can be used on all the natural types of stone, including granite, quartz and marble. Each slab has a unique veining pattern that gives your kitchen a unique personality.

Coupled with an organic touch, you can be sure to reap maximum value from your stone splashback investment.