4 Signs Your Existing Roof Insulation Needs Attention

Twice a year, homeowners are reminded of the need for great roof insulation, and those times are during winter and summer. Without adequate insulation, a home is either too hot or too cold, and that is when the electricity account skyrockets as attempts are made to counteract the temperature. There are several reasons why roof insulation needs to be topped up over time, so here are four signs that you need to call on the assistance of a roof insulation service to help reduce your electricity bills. 

1. House Age

Insulation is designed to last decades, but it is not a bad idea to have your insulation levels checked every 10 years. Insulation is loved by rodents and other pesky critters because it is a soft nest lining, so they will get into your roof insulation and take some of it away. A roof insulation service checks the current state of your insulation and advises on any need for extra.

2. Temperature Variance

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed it is far warmer or colder than the room you were just in? This temperature variance may be a sign that your insulation needs attention. When your home is well-insulated, there should be no temperature difference as you move throughout the house.

3. Cold Ceilings

One of the reasons why you have roof insulation is to trap the heat inside your home during the winter. Without insulation, you need excess electricity to continually heat the rooms in your home. If you touch the ceiling of a room and it feels cold, then you do not have enough insulation in the roof to trap the heat, and it is now escaping. That means you are paying more for heating than you need to, so have your roof insulation checked by a reputable service provider.

4. Overly Hot Home In Summer

Just as roof insulation is decided to trap the heat in your home during the winter, it is also designed to keep the cool, air-conditioned air in your home during summer. When your air conditioning is running on full, but your home is getting hotter by the minute, then your roof insulation is not doing its job, and either you either need to add more or have it replaced.

If you notice any of these four signs in your home, then call a roofing insulation service to take a closer look at your existing insulation. By having your insulation inspected, you can have the situation rectified before the next extreme weather season arrives.