Why Hire Professionals When Moving?

Many people think that it is a good idea to get some friends to help them move when they are relocating from one part of the country to another. Of course, it certainly is possible to carry out house removals with a group of people you know, but it is seldom the best way forward. Professional house removals are often cheaper than you might think, especially if you weigh the cost against the amount you would need to spend hiring a suitably sized van or truck. However, it is not just an issue that relates to money. Hiring house removals professionals offers so many advantages. What are they?

Better Lifting and Handling

Picking up large or bulky items and conveying them out of a home so they can be transported to your new address is not easy. The items that are typically tricky to get through doorways and down stairwells are things like divan beds, sofas and wardrobes. If you don't know what you are doing — as trained professionals do — then you can easily injure yourself. Lifting and handling injuries typically affect the lower back, and this can occur even when you do something as simple as picking up a removals crate. Anyone who injures themselves during a move will inevitably take time to recover, and it could even slow your progress down relocating.

Improved Reliability

You may have very good friends who are willing to help you move, but can you expect them to stick around for the full job? If so, then consider yourself lucky. Usually, people will only be able to give you a couple of hours' worth of help. On the other hand, professional house removals firms will help you to pack up before your moving day, completely empty your current home on the day in question and get your items to where they need to be when you arrive. In other words, you can expect a full service, not just a bit of help with some of the tasks.

Insurance Cover

An often overlooked aspect of professional home removals is insurance. If you drop something when moving, then your current insurance policy probably won't cover the damage. A good removals firm will have cover for any breakages that might occur, however. Even more important is public liability insurance. Imagine dropping an item of furniture when carrying it in from the street and injuring a member of the public. If you do this under your own steam, then you would be liable for any ensuing claim. With a professional team of house removal experts, on the other hand, public liability insurance would kick in to protect you financially.