Are Venetian Blinds Practical In Kitchens?

Although many people like Venetian blinds in their homes, they will often avoid them in places like bathrooms and en-suites where there will be water around. This is also the case with kitchens, of course. That said, a good Venetian blinds installation in a kitchen can generate a dramatic look that will offer years of pleasure. If you are considering new window treatments for your kitchen, then why should you opt for Venetian blinds installation? Read on to find out.

Adaptable Controls

One of the distinguishing things about Venetian blinds is that they can be supplied with handy controls that you can use even when your hands are wet or messy from cooking. Unlike curtains, for example, which you don't ever want to handle with wet or mucky hands, the wands supplied with these sorts of blinds are great for use in kitchens. Even if you are doing the washing up or kneading some dough for a loaf of bread, you will be able to twist a wand to alter the pitch of your blind's slats without worrying about creating a stain. Wands can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and will look as good as new. If you stain the fabric of a roller blind or a pair of curtains, on the other hand, then it can be time-consuming to remove it.

Easy Maintenance

Some people are put off the idea of a Venetian blind installation in a kitchen because they worry about condensation forming on the slats of their blinds in winter. This only occurs in sub-zero conditions when your windows will be full of moisture anyway. That said, removing condensation from the slats of an aluminium Venetian blind, for example, is easy. All you need to do is to set the slats to their vertical positions and lightly dab them with a sponge. If you turn on your kitchen's extractor fan frequently, then you probably won't even need to carry out this minimal maintenance to keep them looking good.

Superb Light Control

Curtains and drop-down blinds can only cut out so much light unless you draw then completely. This will lead to unwanted glare, especially if you have a north-facing kitchen. To avoid it, you may end up with a gloomy room in the daytime with the lights on so you can see what you are doing. On the other hand, adjusting the slats of your blind will allow you to fine-tune the amount of sunlight coming in. This makes a Venetian blind installation ideal if you use a tablet to read recipes on when you are cooking, for example, but still want natural light coming in.