3 Considerations When Installing a Shade Sail on a Poolside

Swimming pools and sunshine go hand in hand since they keep homeowners, families and friends entertained during hot summer months. However, a bit of shade at a poolside is increasingly becoming a must-have because of protection against harmful UV rays. Besides, shade solutions offer swimming pool lovers the much-needed respite from the scorching midday sun. Also, installing a shade sail by the pool can improve the aesthetic appeal, which amplifies the style and ambience of a swimming pool environment. This article explores the installation of a shade sail by a pool.

Designing a Shade Sail

Although you can buy ready-made shade sails for a poolside, experts recommend that you work with manufacturers to determine the shape, size, colour and coverage of the structure. When designing a shade sail, clients should bear in mind some crucial factors. For example, avoid narrow and long sails because of the difficulties in spreading loads along a thin section. A rule of thumb is that the longest side of a sail must not exceed twice the length of the shortest area. Also, restrict the length of a shade sail to between 30-35 feet since larger sails can be unstable. Provide adequate slope for flat shades sails to prevent sagging and pooling rainwater. Another useful design factor is allowing for a minimum distance between overlapping sails to avoid fabric chafing. If you are attaching a shade sail to a building, make sure that you have strong attachment points to reduce the stress generated by the structure.

Load Calculation

Determining the load-bearing capacity of a shade sail is a critical aspect of guaranteeing its structural integrity. Furthermore, calculating loads before installation ensures the safety of occupants. Always work with a certified engineer experienced in determining shade sail loads. Notably, the parameter is calculated at attachment points and footings. Moreover, you might need a permit to install a large shade sail by a pool. In such cases, a pool inspector verifies all the load calculations and how the footings, connectors, and poles will handle pulling and compressional forces. Stainless steel turnbuckles, shackles, and fittings are best suited for rigging a shade sail because they meet the load-rating requirements, look great and resist the high moisture levels associated with a swimming pool environment

Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof shade sails are ideal for a poolside since they offer protection against rainfall and UV rays. Such shade sails are made from a waterproof PVC fabric. The material comprises a woven polyester yarn, which is coated on either side with PVC. The plastic outer layer delivers weather protection capability. Remember that there are different grades of waterproof shade sail material to choose from based on your budget. However, the highest grade can deliver unparalleled tensile strength. Waterproof shade sail fabrics can last between 10-15 years or more with little maintenance.