Less-Obvious Occasions to Call an Emergency Locksmith

A regular locksmith might not be in a position to help in urgent incidences. Notably, such occurrences require immediate help from a 24-hour residential locksmith. As their name suggests, a 24-hour or emergency locksmith will show up whenever and wherever you want. However, people typically only know about the obvious situations when the help of an emergency locksmith is warranted. This article highlights less apparent occasions when the services of an emergency locksmith are critical.

Messy Break-Up

When spouses or partners living together can no longer see eye-to-eye, one of the aggrieved parties might decide to move out. However, the partner who chooses to move out might still have keys to the previously shared home or apartment. Notably, people often do not think much about the issue, primarily because they are overwhelmed with emotions. That is until your partner comes back and takes some belongings without following the due process. Therefore, to protect your belongings and peace of mind, it is advisable to hire an emergency locksmith immediately after a partner moves out on bad terms. Even if you believe you can work things out with your partner, change the locks first to be on the safe side.

A Lock Suddenly Malfunctions

If you have been living in your home or an apartment for a long time, you must know how the locks feel when you turn on the keys. Therefore, you should be worried when you get home one day and realise that a lock suddenly does not work. Although there could be a valid explanation for a malfunction, it is ill-advised to guess. The reason is that a lock system that suddenly malfunctions could result from a botched attempt by a burglar to gain access to your house. If you do not make the necessary changes, a burglar could come back and finish the job. Therefore, homeowners should call an emergency locksmith immediately they notice a problem. A locksmith will inspect the locks and replace them if they suspect a malfunction from a burglary attempt.

Illegal Lockout by a Landlord

Landlords can lock out tenants from their premises, but only if such action is carried out based on tenancy laws. For instance, a landlord should stipulate the tenancy codes you have broken to warrant such action. They should also give notice regarding the intention to change locks within a specified period. If you disagree with the reasons, but a proprietor insists on locking you out, you have legal recourse to hire an emergency locksmith to help you gain entry to your house. However, you must first seek legal advice from a lawyer before showing up at your door with an emergency locksmith. A lawyer will communicate your intention to a landlord and allow you to proceed if the proprietor does not grant you access to your house.

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