Types of Awnings You Can Install For Your Home

If you do not like too much exposure to the sun, then you are better off installing awnings to offer you comfort during hot weather. These shades come in different sizes, designs and shapes. If you are new to awning installations, you need to familiarise yourself with the different types of awnings to determine the one best suited for your home.           Freestanding Awnings These types of awnings do not need to be mounted on a wall. Read More 

2 Ways To Create A Lighter And Brighter Staircase In Your Older Home

Buying an older, dated home to renovate and modernise is a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. While challenging, it can also be very rewarding and is a great way to create a beautiful, modern home and also dramatically increase the value of the property. Home renovations as a whole are made up of many smaller projects. If your home has two or more storeys, then renovating the staircase is one of these smaller projects. Read More 

4 Signs Your Existing Roof Insulation Needs Attention

Twice a year, homeowners are reminded of the need for great roof insulation, and those times are during winter and summer. Without adequate insulation, a home is either too hot or too cold, and that is when the electricity account skyrockets as attempts are made to counteract the temperature. There are several reasons why roof insulation needs to be topped up over time, so here are four signs that you need to call on the assistance of a roof insulation service to help reduce your electricity bills. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Landscaping With Native Plants

Australia is home to numerous beautiful native plants, from the unique blue-hued Australian daisy to the fun-named lilly pilly. But plants that hail from outside Oceania can be just as beautiful, so what's the point of landscaping with native plants alone? You may be surprised to learn that a garden filled with native plants has numerous benefits over one with foreign foliage. Here are just a few ways you could benefit from using them. Read More 

Two tips for decorating your house exterior on special occasions

If you like to pull out all the stops on special occasions (such as at Christmas, Halloween and on family members' birthdays) by decorating the exterior and the interior of your home, the advice below could help you with the former. Don't overload your awnings when decorating them If you have any awnings over your exterior doors or above your patio, you may want to add some decorations to these on special occasions. Read More